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November 6, 2015
Whenever the actor Nina Arianda is pitted against a lover, energy explodes-- and this is very much the case in Sam Shepard’s unrelenting drama Fool For Love.

Locked in a verbal wrestlying match, the blonde, lithely kinetic May (Ms. Arianda) and Eddie (Sam Rockwell) physically swoop down on each other, pecking and clawing at a scar formed of love and anger.

Cooped up in a room dominated by a double bed, May springs off the mattress towards the door like a panther smelling its prey. A smoothe, easy talking Eddie, cowboy hat dipped over his eyes, saunters into the lair. This instigates an aggressive display of blistering accusations that solidify an eternal love hate relationship. Add to this complicated blood ties and you get a sibling, Oedipal drama.

Feverishly waiting for Eddie to enter, May simultaneously primps and pouts. She feigns indifference, defying his advances and suggestions of being together again, particularly since she’s waiting for her date. Despite Eddie’s masterful desplay of lasso tricks, he’s unable to capture the fiery May.

Clearly, this cat and mouse routine is drilled into their vernacular, but directed by Daniel Aukin, the exhausting demonstration of fraught love is exhilarating to watch at Manhattan Theatre Club's Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.
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