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October 14, 2016
Don’t we all need a good laugh these days? Run to DADDY ISSUES, now at St. Clements through November 7th to give your stomach a steady workout. Marshall Goldberg’s 90 minute play is believable farce, the ending, and the scene changes, all of which you can easily predict. Daddy, played by Tony Rossi, is annoying, as only overbearing fathers can be, except when he flashes his imagination by upstaging his son rehearsing for a cat food commercial audition. The son (Matt Koplik) tries to repeatedly usher him out of his apartment, and chimes in unison as his father recounts one of his oft-told tales.

DADDY ISSUES centers around a family’s expectations and their hysteria once their greatest desire - a grandchild - is fulfilled, and then, briefly feared lost. The cast of stock characters is strong, though Donald Moscowitz, the lead, has the most difficult job of being an actor of questionable potential, a gay single man who broke the heart of his college sweetheart, played with vibrancy by Allyson Halley. He holds his hands like a wispy clerk, as he withstands the bullying of his father, and then, surprisingly schemes to introduce a son, played with calm and charm by Alex Ammerman, a son no one knew about - including himself - to his grandmother who had promised to double his inheritance, should he ever produce a child.

David Goldyn directed this fun family sit-com, perfect for cable, peppered with pokes at the Jewish obsession with circumcisions, and at the impracticality of commercial acting. Goldberg strangely hits a low point with the repeated audition scene, given that he worked for years as an advertising copywriter who worked on such accounts as Li’L Friskies Cat Food. Kate Katcher, Deb Armelino, Shua Potter, and Elizabeth Klein complete the cast. The living room set is by Kevin Klakouski, costumes by Antonio Consuegra, lighting by Mitchell Ost. Nominated for Best Off Broadway Play by for its showcase production in 2016, DADDY ISSUES is a well crafted hoot!
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