Performing Arts: Theater
April 6, 2017
In a one-man show written by Will Eno, Michael Emerson (Guy) explores the edges of living from the confines of a wheel chair. Aging parents figure in the lives of plenty of baby-boomers and this production by Signature Theatre settles on the depiction of man’s lithe mind in preparation for another “reality.” A constant search for meaning in very small details, there’s an exaggerated connection to time and the amount of time left.

Guy does not thumb through a catalogue of people and relationships; rather, he recalls a roster of experiences and the feelings emitted during those connections.

Seated in the intimate Signature Theater, Guy’s existential musings face towards Samuel Beckett’s humorous vamp on life and James Joyce’s elliptical eavesdropping on consciousness. It’s those conversations that rattle inside our heads, those unfettered leaps of imagination and those winding excursions into old actions and future choices that well up and find a voice in Emerson’s mouth.

In need of assistance, Guy is visited by a home aid, Lisa (January LaVoy) who respectfully humors Guy and embraces his wishes. It’s odd how small images; cartoons or fanciful objects tickle the aging.

Not unlike a child, simple things assume enormous pleasure.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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