Performing Arts: Dance
February 10, 2015
Suzanne Beahrs Dance presented “Rise,” Saturday evening at Danspace in St. Mark’s Church. The 50-minute piece opened with two members of the all female cast, in a duet. Sparkly pants accent neutrals, in jumpsuits, pants, and dresses. The shimmer hints on the precipice of a rise and fall action that occurs throughout.

In Beahrs’ mind the piece serves as way to get closer to a comfortability with self and others. An internal examination that gives glimmers of understanding but never achieves the peak of full realization. The dancers whisk and whip, falling into deep lunges and playfully hop, skip, stepping in tune. It’s movement based in the fundamentals with a frothiness that lightens and also deeply grounds. Beahrs herself takes the stage and in the highlight moment performs a solo with fierceness and direct confidence.

Each movement is extended and contracted with an end result. In the first moment of clarity, Beahrs shines. As the other dancers begin to join, the focus becomes slightly muddled. The piece picks up, throwing in jumps and turns, the energy elevates but sinks again with a change to piano. Beahrs has figured it out for herself, but perhaps not quite yet for the others.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Bailey Moon

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