Performing Arts: Theater
February 14, 2016
It’s difficult for a feisty young lady, full of life yet waiting for it to expire. Not very social, an unlikely consort appears with homework and high school conversation He, Anthony (Reggie E. White) is a lanky, basketball loving African American male and she, Caroline ( Kayla Ferguson) is a hyper –bright, sweetly attractive Caucasian female. They clash and connect.

Their world expands and contracts within the walls of a colorful, and untidy bedroom designed by Michael Carnahan—possibly it’s an image of the inside of her mind? These contrasting personalities represent two factions of teenagers: those who are health consciousness, those addicted to sugar. A pop-tart fanatic, Anthony questions her adherence to super-healthy food consumption. Really, if your life is at-risk, may as well indulge.

In a twist, Anthony is a Walt Whitman fanatic and he’s come around not only to deliver homework assignments, but also to engage her in a Whitman poetry project. Written by Laruen Gunderson and directed by Sean Daniels, the characters retain an insistent connection on the brink of disaster. Completely affable, Anthony and Caroline reveal teenage angst twisting inside deep emotions peeking out for a few minutes a day inside the sanctity of a bedroom. Produced by Merrimack Repertory Theatre in association with Richard Winkler at 59E59.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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