Performing Arts: Dance
June 13, 2016
Ballet Tech Kids Dance once again showcased the hard work of their talented young dancers this past weekend at the Joyce theater. Grades 4-8, Ballet Tech offers a full scholarship ballet program for a select group of students who have talent and are eager. In Program A performed on Saturday evening, the company presented 4 works, including a delightful solo by young dancer, Johnson Guo.

The opening piece was the accurately named Quickstep, featuring 15 young men moving through the space in different patterns and movement variations. Using interesting movement visuals that are easy to follow, focus could be given to the amount of work and technique these young men had put in. As the dancers collapsed to the floor at the pieces end, the tension in the room released and the audience of family and friends reared with applause.

After a quick set change to a half cyc, the next piece A Yankee Doodle, showed off the older students’ talent and Artistic Director, Eliot Feld’s whimsical yet simple choreography. Snare Drums and classic Americana music set the sound for the dancers, dressed in stars and stripes. Up, down, through, and in, the dancers move in sequences around the stage, sometimes as a group and moments that highlight each dance. At the height of silliness, one dance re-enters the stage with a Yankee Doodle hat, holding behind him a horse’s rear, swooshy tail and all.

Ending the night was Upside Dance, an eight section piece performed to Scandinavian folk music. This time around it was the young kids moment to shine, in a joyous rampage of oddity and fun. Pounding feet and screaming voices fill the space throughout the piece. Both quirky and technical, the students are able to present fully realized choreography with technical difficulty, while still having fun and soliciting excited reactions from the audience.

The dedication the the dancers show truly matches the dedicated mission of the school, to provide intense dance training to inspired students at no cost to them. Ballet Tech continues to create and build up a new generation of dancers filled with spirit and ability.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Annie Woller

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