Performing Arts: Dance
March 20, 2015
Ori Floman commands attention through subtlety and detail. In “First Move,” at Gibney Dance in lower Manhattan four dancers take to the stage (Floman included). Their loud pedestrian garb signifies a casualness jumpstarted with a splash of mismatched prints and colors. The music slowly escalates as the dancers survey the space, taking loops around themselves occasionally connecting focus with one another.

As the group forms into a small box shape, they careen across the stage, a sense of urgency behind the motivation, but still calmness in their delivery. One dancer might make several gestures with his hands but his other half body stays disconnected- its multitasking with ease.

At one point, pieces of paper are splayed out in each dancers corner they have staked as their own. Harmony becomes muddled here, with a mixture of dancing, and speaking, pushing papers and reading them. Spatially it has merit, a dancer will filter in and out of the space as the others stay entrapped in their corner, then all four will connect in the center, leaning onto one another for support and comfort.

Floman knows his movement and the intricacies that flow between- his next task might be to refine his second move.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Bailey Moon

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