Performing Arts: Dance
October 2, 2015
The Career Transition for Dancers 30th Anniversary Pearl Jubilee Gala took place at City Center. It was a momentous occasion not only for their three decades of work but the announcement that CTD would be merging with the Actor’s Fund. This will create a broad new network and resources for dancers to tap into. The evening also honored the jubilant Shirley MacLaine who was honored with a watch from CTD’s Rolex sponsor. The Oscar winner reminded everyone “dancers are athletes of God.”

To celebrate, the current star of the ballet world Misty Copeland danced Marcelo Gome’s trite “Paganini.” She shines in contemporary work where she is able to show off her athleticism and elegant extensions in slightly more unhinged positions. Robert Fairchild of the New York City Ballet and current Broadway star of “An American in Paris,” was fresh in his jazz solo to choreography by Gene Kelly. Fairchild’s slick smile and polished moves make him a favorite of the audience.

With many divas in the house Bebe Neuwirth held her own in a performance of “All the Jazz,” from the musical Chicago. The execution with which she locks into each movement while belting notes is exceptional, once a dancer always a dancer. Eliot Feld’s young dancers from Ballet Tech closed the show with a ballet/jazz number that concluded the evening on a light note. The mission of CTD is to celebrate dancers and prep them at all stages of their careers for the next steps. Monday evening young performers to the more established, representing all dance forms, trumpeted the great array of dance professionals assisted by CTD.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Bailey Moon

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