Performing Arts: Dance
March 16, 2015
HEWMAN presented their second installation at the Manny Cantor Center in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A glassed in roof top housed the hour-long performance of “Once We’re Lit”. Audience members were encouraged to walk around the space, inhabiting new perspectives.

The group comprised of four Juilliard graduates: Jason Collins, James Lindsay Harwell, Ingrid Kapteyn, and guest collaborator Taylor Drury, played with light and space. Victoria Bek created tight, teal costumes that enhanced the directiveness of movement. One light stands in the center of the room and conducts the interactions of the dancers. Four larger lights surround the center light. The dancers turn them on and off at various points, lighting only certain spaces at a time. The audience follows its own personal direction but subtle acknowledgements, sometimes physical, nudge us in a suggested route.

Partnering is firm and comfortable. A dancer will climb onto another with vigor and tact. Meanwhile, another will float off to a corner and complete a solo. Drawing us in rather than distracting, one qualm is that one nugget of performance can’t be savored before our attention deflects to something else.

Last year’s performance, which took place in three different spaces relied on many of the same ideas that “Lit,” tries to permeate. It is that viewership can be owned and tailored; it makes an audience feel involved, and special.

While some of us cringe at the thought of becoming apart of, others bask in the chance to be in the art. The group has once again sparked my attention, now I crave for an extended work, where the ideas they have planted can become fully realized.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Bailey Moon

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