Performing Arts: Theater
January 2, 2016
My work on Erin Mee’s Where Have All the Glaciers Gone? had me primarily as a fly on the rehearsal process’s walls. In a piece with open-ended movement scores and pages of non-linear text, two actors, Colin Waitt and Caitlin Goldie, and one dancer, Phoebe Sandford, were equally pulled from their comfort zones with just enough of their rich skillsets to cling to. Sandford slow-danced with an inflatable globe and led the Climate Change Macarena; meanwhile, I provided alternative blocking - games derived from spatial interpretations of the text – A bipolar shuffle to spread and collect strewn trash, an erratic crossing of space to convince you up-close while one-upping what you just heard why things should remain as they are, and a backwards walking meditation to mourn what will be lost to climate change, among others. The difference in line delivery from the initial read-throughs to the final product demonstrated a genuinely heightened sense of urgency inherent in performed multitasking, ultimately thematic to the call to action at the heart of the piece.
EYE ON THE ARTS< NY -- Jonathan Matthews

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